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Why Being Aware of Genital Mutilation is Important

However, worldwide at the same time, there is a ritual called Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), or Female Genital Cutting FGC) which has violently stolen sexual freedom from more than 130 million girls and women worldwide according to the U.N. and is continuing every day! This ritual cuts away either fully or partially a girls external genitals including her clitoris, (with 8 thousand nerve endings), and in some cases includes sewing her closed!  AND it is approved and arranged by the mothers or fathers without the girls’ permission! It is being done today even in industrialized countries including the US and Great Britain in immigrant enclaves!  Many girls die as a result of infection, trauma or excessive bleeding! In fact just last week on NPR (national public radio) I heard about a 13 year old girl in Egypt who begged her grandmother and everyone she could not to have it done, but she was forced against her will, had her genitals cut and died. (Posted on NPR November 21st, 2014 entitled “Why Laws Couldn’t Protect This 13-Year-Old Girl Who Died From Female Genital Mutilation”)

Please watch this video “Desert Flower” YouTube trailer below produced  by Oscar Winner Peter Hermann, which tells the true story brilliantly about an extraordinary woman who crossed a desert and changed the world.  It is based on the bestselling novel written by Waris Dirie and Cathleen Miller, which sold more than 11 million copies worldwide.  I feel that the more people who become aware of this violent injustice against girls and women, the faster it will be extinguished.  Please find the time to check out this website and film.  In order for all of us to enjoy our sexual freedom and rights, this terrible practice must end!

"Worse than a headache --- I have three kids and a full-time job"

"We don't believe in pressuring the children. When  the time is right, they'll choose the appropriate gender."

"It would be nice if we had marriage equality  within our marriage."

"How would you feel about incorporating sex

into our sex life?"

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